One of the main goals of U-BASE is making the transition “student to workman” more easy. Therefore, we would like to maintain a good bond with our Alumni.

U-BASE Alumni

After graduating, the members of U-BASE become alumni. It is important for the association to maintain a good bond with all alumni, as one of our main goals is to make the transition "student to workman" more easy. Alumni can provide our members with a lot of knowledge and information and knowing people from the working field can improve this transition.

To maintain this bond, we organize an Alumni Event every year and all alumni receive a newsletter with an update about U-BASE twice a year.

Are you an alumnus from U-BASE, or from the U-dispuut, Betondispuut or CST-dispuut, but did you not receive an invitation for the Alumni Event or a newsletter, then please contact us.


U-BASE donors help United Building and Structural Engineering Association both financially and with their knowledge and contacts. Just like our alumni, donors can help our members with the transition "student to workman".

The donor contribution consists of 20 euros a year. 

In return a donor receives: 
3x a year the magazine U-Profiel and 2x a year a newsletter. Also, donors can propose interesting activities, like lunch lectures or excursions, to U-BASE. 

Interested in becoming a donor? 
Please fill in the subscription form below. For questions, please send an e-mail to


All alumni of U-BASE are invited to join the U-BASE LinkedIn group. The LinkedIn group “United Building and Structural Engineering Association” can be found here

For all alumni and donors we keep an internal database. Please keep us updated with any changes in your home address or email by sending an email to the Secretary of U-BASE (