Study Tour: 2018-2019

This year’s Study Tour brings you 2 weeks of guaranteed sleeplessness, assured hangovers and an unforgettable time in 2 of the biggest cities in China! Study Tour 2019 takes us to Shanghai and Beijing to experience cutting edge innovation in building design in one of the fastest building nations in the world. Along with visiting some of the largest on going projects and iconic high rises of the country, we also have a bucket list of activities planned, from a visit to the Great Wall of China to Maglev train rides .

So what are you waiting for? Put on your creative dǒulì and tell us why you want to join the tour this year! To help you (and us!) out, we have a small template document attached. Please use this form to fill out the details. Please also note: Deadline to submit the application: 7th March Send it to with the subject “Study Tour Application”

Your letter will be made anonymous. Please limit the letter to a max. of 1 A4 sheet The following questions need to be addressed in the letter: Why do you want to go to Shanghai and Beijing? What locations and activities are you most interested in from those scheduled in the tour?




The committee



Amarins Kroes
Aarabhi Balasubramanian
Mikhail James
Lars Duindam
Dannia Yang
Lee Theres Mathew
Lisa  Swaalf
Geert Hoogerwaard

Latest news & upcoming activities


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  • 18 december 2019 , 17.30 - 21.00
  • BASE
Excursion Spanbeton


Excursion Spanbeton

  • 13 december 2019 , 08.15 - 15.00

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  • 22 februari 2020 , 22.00 - 23.59
  • Oude Delft 123, Delft