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Witteveen + Bos business course day

Want an insight in what it is like to be in an engineering office? Witteveen + Bos offer you a wonderful opportunity with their business course day.






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Witteveen + Bos business course day

Do you want to experience what it's like to work at our engineering office?

Our business course gives you the unique opportunity to: -

  • To support you as a team on a multidisciplinary issue within this complex project Rotterdam.
  • Think together about the impact on the environment, landscape integration, stakeholder participation contracts to be agreed upon, risk management and project planning.
  • Devising solutions in the field of, for example, construction, geotechnics, road design and water safety.
  • To be involved in negotiations between the parties and therefore in making radical choices within the project.
  • Show how you anticipate changes during the project, with the aim of finding sustainable and innovative alternatives or the use of linking opportunities.
  • Ultimately pitch your integral solution to an expert jury. 
On top of that, you can also taste the atmosphere at our office and get acquainted with our colleagues during the day and dinner! Do you come up with the best solution?

For more info click here. Subscriptions open only till 20th November 2019.