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Concrete Design Competition

A great opportunity to participate in a workshop for the Concrete Design Competition 2019-2020. The workshop is aimed at exploring the creativity of the designers to make an optimal mould for their concrete structures.






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Concrete Design Competition

Concrete is a flexible material. When it is poured into a mould, it can take any desired shape and texture. To achieve a specific expression, it is important how the making of the mold follows the vision of the designer. FORM-WORKS is the theme for entries for the Concrete Design Competition 2019-2020. The competition’s kick-off is scheduled for the Betondag Student Experience in Rotterdam (Van Nelle factory) on Wednesday 13 November.  

Siebe Bakker (bureaubakker) will give a workshop as part of the kick-off. In the workshop the theme of the Concrete Design Competition will be discussed extensively. The FORM-WORKS theme is firmly set on the basis of project examples. The participants in the workshop work together to look for possible topics for their entry and are encouraged to come up with creative ideas. In addition, they receive tips for presenting their work based on winners from previous editions.  

The competition challenges students of architecture, civil engineering and construction engineering to focus their thoughts on innovative applications of the characteristic of freedom of form in concrete. The subject they submit is entirely free: whether they want to address a social problem with a building or an object, or want to propose a technical solution for making the industrial production process more effective, it is all up to them.

Students in The Netherlands compete to win the prizes of € 1,500, € 1,000 or € 750 and an all-inclusive week to Dublin for an International Concrete Design Master Class.

The Concrete Design Competition has a two-year cycle and is also organized in Germany, Belgium and Ireland at the same time. Winners will be announced per country and they will attend the workshop in Dublin together.

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